If I compare week 18 of this year to week 18 of last year, or even the year before, my life seems pretty dull these days. It’s all about baby eyes, baby smiles, and baby cuddles – I still count Ameli as a baby. But you know what… there will be time for travel again. There will be time for adventure. Now is the time for bonding and attachment.

117/366 – Faces

Not much to say about this really – just some of my little Aviya’s many beautiful faces. (It’s all in a mama’s eye!)

118- Baby Beautiful

Sometimes I have this overwhelming urge to post a blog post with just a picture in it. If I gave in to those urges, you’d have had this picture as a whole post. I resisted… you know… for the sake of your RSS reader. But I think it was totally worthy of a post all on its own.

119/366 – Baby Massage Demo

My company, Little Bliss, is really still fledgeling, what with having a baby and all, so I’ve been doing free demonstrations in the area to get the word out. I love baby massage. It’s so bonding and calming and soothing. And I love that I have a live  model. She was just awesome. She let me massage her legs, feet and arms for almost an hour. Awesome.

120/366 – Duvet Day

A total duvet day. We didn’t do much of anything today. At least, I didn’t! Ameli danced with daddy, did some stamping, cuddled Aviya, and built puzzles.

121/336  Thick As Thieves

Ameli has lots of little playmates, but I think if I had to ask who her best friend is, she’s probably say “Arfur”. These two are thick as thieves, and if one jumps, the other jumps. And if one falls down, the other falls down. And if one climbs a lamp post, wall, climb frame, the other does. I have a picture of myself around her age with a friend I know only as “Heath” by the caption. We must have been like this. She bosses “Arfur” around something fierce though. We’ll have to work on that.

122/366 – Sling Meet

I don’t think I’ve ever been as grateful for sling wearing as I was at this sling meet. Our park was totally ruined by a combination of a circus and a lot of rain. The circus left so much mud, when we were trying to walk back to the car Ameli and her friend P were totally covered in mud. Ameli made the journey home in her nappy, she was that mud covered. In fact, in the last picture* there she was so stuck in the mud. The ranger, who fortunately for my new shoes was walking by had to go in and get the girls out. (Emily, P’s mother, had tried, but she got stuck too!) It was hysterical, but only in retrospect.

Ameli is in such a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ stage – she copies what everyone else does – like in the picture of her following P, or hanging off the climb thing like Arthur! Aviya, meanwhile… slept.

*thanks for that photo Emily!
123/366 – Cuddles

After yesterday’s muddy business, Ameli was rather snively nosed, so we had a late start to the morning. Sometimes in the morning I’ll let Ameli watch a program or two on TV while I wait for the coffee to take effect. This morning I had propped Aviya up and walked in to find Ameli snuggled up next to her baby sister explaining the characters of Chuggington to her. Rather sweet, really.


Mamatography Week 18: More About The Girls

  1. Aww your girls are so adorable! (I feel like I write that here every week, but it’s just so true.) That one of Aviya is truly precious—definitely worthy of its own post. 😉

  2. What sweet girls you have!!! There certainly is no end to the adventures at this age…including muddy ones!!!!

  3. So nice to see those sweet faces! That mud really must have been something while you were in it, but I’m glad you could see the humor in the end 😉

  4. Please don’t unsubscribe me! I’ve been taking pics but just haven’t got round to posting them and writing about them. Blogging has taken a bit of a nosedive round at mine – just a bit out of love with it, but hope to be back soon.

  5. Yes, I totally agree that you should have devoted a whole blog post to that photo of Aviya! 😉
    Love the pics with the girls in the mud, what a laugh, Jesse would have had a ball!!

  6. goodness me! baby Aviya is growing up! I love the final picture of the sisters. Makes me feel all smiley inside!

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