328/366 – Aunty Cuddles

Loving her aunty

329/366 – Back To The Days Of Yor(k)e

My mother, father, grandmother and the girls and I went  to a little town called York. We walked around, went to the old courthouse and prison, the girls got dressed up in old fashioned clothes and it was just an all round nice day.

330/366 – Freemantle Markets

We went to the markets at Freemantle, Victoria Quay. It was quite special, actually, because I went there when I was pregnant with Ameli, and I’m all sentimental like that! Ameli bought ‘herself’ a little Koala handbag. She’s turning into a proper little lady!

331/366 – How To Cure A Cold

Okay, that’s not medical advice, but there’s no better place for a poorly baby than snuggled up in Mama’s ringsling.


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