I’m so late with this post this week – thank goodness for post scheduling, it at least still looks like it’s in the right place!

208/366 – Sister in Love

I love my girlies so much. And I love how Ameli loves Aviya and how Aviya smiles at everything Ameli does (almost!)

209/366 – The Big Latch On

It feels so long ago now, but I hosted a Big Latch On event in Farnham, a local town. It was lovely, and loads of gorgeous mamas and their babies came along to participate in the World Breastfeeding Record attempt.

210/366 – Messy Play, Unintentionally

Urgh – I really hate messy play. See the first picture? I set up the paints, I bring out special paper, I have a project in mind… Ameli has her own thoughts on the matter and really, it just all ends up in an early bath time. I hate it, but she loves it, so what’s a Mama to do? Just let her get on with it, really!

211/366 – Field of Flowers

Sunny days are so rare this summer, that we have to take every opportunity we can. On this particular day, we went to a local pick your own fruit farm and had a lovely day out. There are loads more pictures from our gorgeous day out in this month’s NPN Carnival post.  I just adore this picture. Ameli is so independent… here she is at her adventurous best.

212/366 – Rainy Day Cosy Baby

Yet another rainy day here in our neck of the island, and rather than sitting cooped up in the house, I decided to fill a bag with rainy day equipment and head on out. Ameli and some local kids from the neighbourhood loved it. Aviya wasn’t fussed either way.

213/366 – Fine Motor Skills

Yet another rainy day, so we’re doing arty, crafty stuff, sticking stickers and so on. At least it benefits her, even if the weather is driving me batty.

214/366 – First Daddy Bath

Somehow Martin’s missed out on bath time with Aviya for almost five months! Here we have daddy’s first bath. She loves the bath as much as Ameli did. Daddy even remembered to put nothing but lavender oil in the water. Love him, love her. Gorgeous.

Thanks for joining us for our very late week in pictures!

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Mamatography Week 32: Love, Latching On And Flowers

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