Thursdays are very busy days for us, as we have any one of three and sometimes four things going on on a Thursday. It means we don’t really do much at home, most days. Today, however, we had spent some time in the forest this morning picking up tiny pine cones, so after dinner and before bath time, Ameli and I made some pinecone garlands. 


We got into daddy’s toolbox and found a whole variety of eyelet screws*. 


We chose the small ones, and set about screwing them into the tops of the pine cones. The pine cones are still soft and moist, so Ameli was able to help screw them in.


Before threading them with a pretty ribbon – not quite festive, but seasonal, let’s say!


We made the garland in the top picture, and then Ameli wanted one for her room, so we used the last bit of ribbon and made a straight garland with a bell at the bottom for her curtain rail. She loved it so much, she couldn’t wait to hang it up herself.


It thrilled me that she was so excited about a nature craft, especially one that was as quick and easy as this one! 

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