Despite my best efforts, I’m not really massively successfully artistic, so when I come across a crafty idea that actually works, and doesn’t turn into a Pinterest Fail, I’m quite excited by it. I’m sure you’ve seen this craft perfectly done and photographed before, but this is our version, and it’s perfect for Easter baskets, or nature baskets for Spring. Easter Basket


For this project you’ll need PVA Glue (I used one for wood. It worked fine), water, paper, a bowl and a balloon

Get together:
PVA Glue
A Bowl
A Balloon
A Paintbrush


To start with, mix your DIY Modge Podge – the glue and water. You’ll need one part water to two parts glue. Mix well.

Next, cut strips of paper. We used an Easter craft pack like this*. Cut the paper into strips of about 1 – 2cm wide.

Blow up a balloon to the size you’d like your bowl to be, then rest it on a bowl, vase, glass or whatever is the appropriate size to rest the balloon on.

‘Paint’ the glue all over the top half of the balloon and begin layering the strips of paper over the balloon. There’s no particular way to do it, but remember that you’re making a bowl – if there’s a picture or pattern you want to see in the bowl put that face down first. If there’s something you want on the outside, put it face up as the final layer, and so on.

Keep ‘painting’ the glue on between each layer, covering all parts of it.

Easter BasketsWhen you’re done, smooth it out with your hands, then set it aside to dry. You need to leave it for a good 24 – 36 hours to dry properly. If you try before it’s properly dry, the bowl will ‘crack’.

After the glue has dried, gently peel the balloon away from the sides as much as you can, the puncture it for a slow leak, preferably. Ease the balloon off the sides, and your bowl is complete.

I cut about two centimeters into the balloon and around it to make a straighter top edge, and used the off cut for a ‘handle’, attaching it with a glue gun.

It’s really sweet, and perfect for collecting Easter eggs, or leaves, sticks and flowers for our Spring nature table.


Really Easy DIY Easter Baskets

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