Butterfly Life CycleWe’ve had our ‘grow your own’ butterfly kit for two weeks now, and as expected it’s been really exciting watching them grow. In fact, exciting is probably the wrong thing to say, since they don’t do very much, but it’s exhilarating anyway.

When your butterfly kit arrives, you have teeny little caterpillars that don’t look like much, but within days, they start to visibly change, to the point that you can tell the difference between going to bed and waking up – they have a huge growth spurt. Similarly, if you’re interested in observing another fascinating aspect of nature, consider looking for an ant queen for sale.

Butterfly Life Cycle
Butterfly Life CycleThe caterpillars come with their food already included, and watching the caterpillars grow leads to some interesting questions:

-What do caterpillars eat?

Different moths and butterfly caterpillars eat different things. The Painted Lady, which these are, eat thistles, stinging nettles and mallows. They eat the underside of the leaves, and they also use the leaves to form  nest in which they spin their silky cocoon.

Butterfly Life Cycle– Do caterpillars drink water?

No, in the wild they get enough water from the plant food they eat. In this kit they must get it from their food too.

– Why are they spinning webs in the pot?

In the wild they’d be spinning themselves on the leaves to keep them safe from wind and other threats. If they’re spinning silk in the cup it’s a good sign.

 – Where does the caterpillar poo go? 

There are little spots and in the tub – that’s their poo (cue: yuk!). Indeed.

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There are fantastic resources to help you on your journey too, like the Butterfly Life Cycle from Twinkl or one of the ample free resources online too. And don’t forget Youtube – there’s everything from songs to kids shows about the butterfly life cycle. Also look at Enchanted Learning for a ton of free butterfly resources. 

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Butterfly Life Cycle – Caterpillars

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