We had a pretty rough day around these parts, but if you look at the photos, you wouldn’t know it. Ah, if my real life looked like my photo stream, that would be just great. Oh well.

Our jar of rainbow rice from last year has pretty much run out, so it was time to make some more rainbow rice. I bought a cheap 3kg bag of rice, and Ameli and I set out to colour them.

Rainbow Rice

We separated the rice into five bowls, and poured a table spoon of vinegar into each. We added red, blue, green and yellow food colouring to four bowl, and added blue and red to another, to make purple.

We then set about mix, mix, mixing, before leaving it overnight to dry.

This morning I poured the rice into our new rice tub, and popped in the playdoh toys.

I seem to be really struggling with mess at the moment, so rather than put the rice in the house, I put it outside on a plastic sheet so that any spillage could be poured back into the tub, but the girls were still free to pour, spill and mess.

In a couple of days I’ll put some cars and trains in, and I also have some stars and other stellar objects that will make for fun play.

One of the bonuses of sensory boxes is that children use all their senses to really get into it, so it’s fun and play, but also development. I love when my children learn through play and I love how a sensory box turns them into little explorers.


 Learning Points:

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