It’s Easter time and after the onslaught of Christmas, then Valentine’s day, and in our case, birthdays, the opportunities for sugar abound, and no matter what we do to get around it, there’s just no end of the sugar-holidays in sight. At the same time I don’t really want my girls to miss out on Easter egg hunts and the childhood memories that go with it, so I’ve been looking for alternatives to chocolate eggs. Here we go: Easter Egg Alternatives - Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Eggs – this dinosaur egg will take 48 hours to ‘hatch’, which sounds like a good way to keep little ones busy over the Easter weekend.

Current price: £2.39 delivered.

CaptureQuick Grow Dinosaur Eggs – these come in sets of 6, and will take 12 – 24 hours to hatch. The reviews aren’t as great as in the previous ones, but they are cheap and would be great for a treasure hunt.

Current price: £2.20 delivered

If dinosaurs aren’t your thing, try the chicken egg version.

Egg Shape ToyCapture – For little ones, these could make a great Easter Egg hunt addition, but when all the chocolate is eaten and the sugar high has worn off, these will still make good toys, and are nice for little ones learning how to match shapes.

Current price: £2.68 delivered.

CaptureToy filled eggs – if you don’t mind plastic toys, this set of 12 eggs is again great for an egg hunt, and each egg has a little toy in it. Not superb toys by any means, but the kids will still like it, you can be sure. And the fun is in the hunt anyway!

Current price: £6.87 delivered.

CaptureSand Toy Eggs – These are really sweet for little ones. They are ‘musical’ eggs, and though you only get one per order, and you can’t select which one you want, it’s a bit hit and miss, but a nice addition to the music box once the thrill of the egg-hunt is over.

Current price: £2.08

CaptureDisney Eggs Assortment – For children who love their Disney characters, these seem like a good value option. You get 20 eggs, one of each in the picture. They contain things like key chains, hair comb, stickers , magnetic picture and toys. There are also Kinder Eggs which contain Marvel Avenger or fairy toys. They’re a great option if you’re doing a hunt for a few children! Of course, some of these do have chocolate on them, so use your discretion here.

Current price: £24.95

CapturePlaymobil Eggs – Playmobil aren’t cheap, but if there’s one non-edible egg you’re going to buy, have a look at these. They are fantastic. I got the girls some of them last year and we loved them. And they used the actual eggs as money boxes after. There are a range of options available now.

Current price:  £5.99

UntitledColoured Plastic Eggs – If you have specific preferences, you could use these empty eggs to make a treasure hunt any which way you want. Fill them with notes leading to a big prize – egg, or fill them with individual little eggs, the choice is yours! These come in packs of 12.

Current price: £5.98

Wooden Egg Crafts Capture– These wooden eggs are great for the crafty among us. They are wooden and sturdy and should last year on year, and you can decorate them if you like. There are 10 in a box.

Current price: £6.

Decorate Your  Own Easter Eggs – Similar to the wooden eggs, these polystyrene eggs are for DIY decorating, and they may last a while, but probably not as long as the wooden ones. They come in packs of 12.

Current price: £3.85

This isn’t actually an Easter egg alternative, but if you are planning a hunt and have a bit of money to spend – and you’ll be able to reuse them – these Peter Rabbit Easter Hunt Kits are simply beautiful! They kind of make me swoon a little.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit


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10 Alternatives To Chocolate Eggs

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10 Alternatives To Chocolate Eggs

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