Indoor gardeningI’ve been trying for years to get a garden going, but either the universe is against me or I suck at it. I’m guessing it’s the latter. The first year in our home with a garden, the summer pretty much burned my garden up (due to that pregnancy, I didn’t get out to water much!) The next year, we did okay, and the third year, the slugs pretty much carried the garden away following heavy flooding. This year? Well, this year we don’t even have a garden, so we’re reduced to indoor gardening.

One of the things we did manage to actually eat from the garden last year was lots and lots of cherry tomatoes, so when Heinz invited us to join them in a growing project again this year, we thought it would be a good opportunity to try some indoor gardening, so we’ll be having a go at growing tomatoes indoors.

Indoor GrowingThe thought of not growing anything this year is a bit much for me, so here are some indoor growing options if you want to give it a try too.

For those starting small, you could try a specific Indoor Garden Kit for growing tomatoes. There are also these Peat Free Mini Grow Bags which are cute and a great size when you don’t want a huge sandbag indoors!

If you’re really serious about your indoor gardening, however, there’s a brilliant looking battery operated “Smartpot” that’s said to deliver fantastic results too!

I haven’t decided which way we’ll go yet, but I’d best hop to it and get our tomatoes growing!

If you’re in the UK,  shoppers who purchase a bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup can pick up a free pack of Heinz tomato seeds (available in selected stores from 5th – 25th March).

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 * This post contains affiliate links. Using them won’t cost you anything, but I’ll be paid a referral fee. Heinz have also provided a non-cash incentive for participating in their project.



Growing Tomatoes Indoors

  1. Nothing better than eating your own produce :). Glad you’ve managed to find a bit of growing space even without a garden this year. I’ve always fancied attempting mushrooms – might be another good indoor crop?

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