Our bed has a story.

After years of living in furnished rental accommodation, we finally got our own, unfurnished house, which meant we had to buy a bed. We went to the appropriate store and lay on all the beds… as you do!

matress protectorWe picked out a bed we were both happy with, placed our order, and went home to wait. A few days later they delivered our bed and we excitedly set it up and couldn’t wait to go to bed, where we had….

… the worst night ever.

After about three nights we were near sending the bed back when I said we should try to flip it over, see if the springs were better that way. That night, we reluctantly went to bed, and as we sunk in to the mattress…. ah… the softest, lushest mattress ever. We were in heaven – and 8 years on, we still have the same amazing mattress, and we love it. As much as we love travel, coming home to our bed is always awesome.


The problem is, that bed has seen two pregnancies, two newborns, two breastfed babies, two toddlers and about 7 moves. It doesn’t look bedding


In addition to that, our bedding is about the same age. Sure, we’ve bought new duvet covers over that time, but the duvets and pillows were looking old. Yet somehow, despite the value of good sleep, we never have prioritised our sleep.

Recently we were given a brand new set of mattress and pillow protectors, along with a brand new duvet & cushions. The brand is Slumberdown, “Like Down” and it’s like having a new lease on life – okay, on sleep. I’ve been shocked by how different a good night’s sleep can be in proper bedding! I can’t imagine why I’ve not changed my duvets and pillows in – I was going to say ten years, but then read a study that said you should change your duvet every 5 years, for health reasons, so I’ll just say – in ages?!  If you haven’t either, and you’ve gotten used to it just being as it is, my challenge to you is to freshen up your bedroom, going deeper than the duvet cover! It’s the quickest way to make a dull and functional bed a little slice of luxury, and apparently it’s better for your health too and give you better sleep too.

~~ If you’re in the UK, head to Aldi this Thursday where these Slumberdown duvets, pillows, pillow and mattress protectors, fitted sheets and duvet covers will be available at fantastic prices starting from £1.99 for single, double and king beds. ~~

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Five Minutes To Better Sleep

  1. A decent mattress is so important, sadly we don’t have one, we, like you, went out fund a bed we loved brought it home and then decided after a few weeks it wasn’t as nice as we had hoped, Ideal we’d love a memory foam topped one, but at the price that is a distant dream (sorry).

    1. I know what you mean – I’d almost recommend these mattress protectors though. My husband likes a hard bed, and this provides just enough of a ‘melt into’ layer. I love it!

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