We had a slightly busier week, although illness is still firmly imprinted on our household. Nonetheless, a visit to the in-laws in Somerset, a quick stop-in at a local art gallery, a trial day in cloth nappies and a product launch for shoes to make you skinny while eating cupcakes made it all pass really quckly.

Day 77 – Cupcakes for ‘padkos’

‘Padkos’ is the Afrikaans word for ‘travel snacks’, but sounds a lot less adventurous that way! These super-simple cupcakes are made following my gran’s flop-proof cake recipe.

Day 78 – Ameli and Grandpa

Ameli here sporting a 38.5 degree fever. As Grandpa’s personal hot water bottle, she at least still gave him a smile from time to time.

Day 79 -Pondering over Sunrise

Visiting the inlaws in Coleford, Somerset, Ameli and her Daddy went for a sunrise walk. Here she is watching the sun rise while Daddy gets ready

Day 80 -Reetone Launch

I was blessed to be invited to the Reebok:Reetone launch. I still have to do a write up on my experience with these funky trainers, but I’ve not done it yet. You can watch this video of me and Ameli and some of our bloggy friends though!

Day 81 -Debut of the Cloth Diaper

Okay, it’s nappy here, but diaper just had a better ring to it!  Check out our journey in to the world of cloth nappies.

Day 82 – Red Gate Gallery

A sneaky photo from my phone at the Red Gate Gallery in Brixton. This exhibit from ARK was interesting and at times, slightly disturbing (Something about a tumble drier exploding and burning someone). It was created by six young artists with mental health illnesses from Action Space’s South London Young People’s Group

Day 83- Sweetshop in Covent Garden

On a trip out to Covent Garden for the afternoon, I found this little shop called Candy Cakes tucked away in below ground level. They had the most fantastic looking cupcakes and sweets. I can’t begin to describe them! The largest fondant cupcakes I’ve ever seen. I was so proud of myself for walking out without a single purchase!

Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures!


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  1. Hi, is that a “teddy” nappy she is wearing? My baby is 6 weeks old and I’ve been using them since she was about 2 weeks old with great results. Hope you are finding them to be as good. x

    1. @Debbie, Hi Debbie, no, it’s not the teddy, it’s the nappy. I’ll be buying some teddy’s next though,as they are microfibre and dry quicker than the nappies. They are really great, aren’t they!

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