Making the decision to join the fold (pun intended) of the cloth nappy community is only the first in a series of decisions that awaits the newly conscientious parent. In fact, the options and choices can be downright intimidating.
There are so many different styles, types and price ranges to choose from that it would be easy to give up, quite honestly. I searched through tomes of online resources, trying to find the ‘right’ nappy for us. The up-front cost of reusable nappies is substantial enough to not want to make too many mistakes, either.

Much research and hair-pulling later, I found a brilliant website called Fill Your Pants, which has a short comparison guide and an easy breakdown for all the confused newbies that really helped me narrow down my options based on my needs, i.e. quick drying, very wet baby, no day care and so on.Bambinex Nappies

A cloth nappy mama then recommended I contact the Nappy Lady for a similar, but human, service. I did, and received suggestions based on my needs, and was added to my local community list too. I was invited to a demonstration on cloth nappies, which I attended. Actually holding, touching, seeing and feeling the nappies made a huge difference to my confidence levels, and after the session I went online to make my purchase.

Admittedly I did search around online for the brand that I wanted and tried to find the best deal, which I believe I got from the company itself. Bambinex, at the time, offered a tester kit with three nappies and a wrap as well as a supply of disposable liners for a very reasonable £32.

I placed my order and the next day my nappies, or my daughter’s nappies at least, arrived.

They were as great as the demo model was. Soft, luxurious nappies made from bamboo with a booster pad for additional absorption, it felt more like a plush carpet than a toiletry.

Bamboo grows quickly and as such is a highly sustainable resource. As these are bamboo, they can be dry-pailed, and the dirty disposable liner will disintegrate within 24 hours when flushed, or in the case of a wet nappy, can be added to paper recycling once dry.

In order to increase absorbency, bamboo nappies need to go through three short wash cycles before they are used. Right now, our nappies are hanging on the line waiting for our trial to start tomorrow.

I feel quite excited. I really hope that I am one sleep away from never looking back from sustainable nappies that love not only the environment, but my pocket and my daughter’s pretty cute little behind too.

Bambinex Nappies are the best for us. If you are considering cloth nappies, it is highly recommended that you find the right one for your baby and your circumstance as different nappies fit different babies in different ways and not all nappies will work as well on everyone.
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  1. I’ve never tried bamboo, but congrats on the cloth! I had a good sized stash from trying various products (from prefolds to BumGenius pockets) and this morning was given two grocery sacks of pre-loved flats, prefolds, and covers. I’m seriously debating thinning a bit just because I have SO much now and would love to share the love with someone who may not try them without a gift!

    visitng from SITS
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..30 Day Shred – Day 1.5 =-.

  2. The thing I don’t like about bamboo is that they need some pretty caustic chemicals to turn it into cloth, and those chemicals frequently end up in waterways. We opted not to get the bamboo diapers for that reason (because oh em gee, are they soft) and went instead for BumGenius one-size diapers so we could use them until she starts using the toilet.
    .-= Christa´s last blog ..Have Teeth, Will Chew =-.

  3. Stopping by from SITS!
    Congrats on choosing to use cloth!!! I started cloth on my first when he was about 14 months old, the used cloth on my next 3 :). A cloth diapered baby bum is adorable!!!!
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..Easter Traditions =-.

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