I love these super simple chocolate spoons. They are a lovely final ‘ooohhh’ at the table after a dinner party, and make a luxurious hot chocolate when added to hot barista cafe milk. You can also melt the chocolate and pour in to molds with a swivel stick in the centre if you have suitable supplies.

Makes about 10 spoonschocolate spoons


85 grams semisweet chocolate pieces
45 grams white baking bar
10 – 12 plastic spoons


1.  Melt the chocolate over low heat and remove.
2.  Stir until smooth
3. Dip the spoons into the chocolate and place on waxed paper
4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to allow the chocolate to set
5. Melt the white chocolate over low heat and remove.
6. Use a piping bag or a spoon and drizzle the white chocolate over the milk or dark chocolate
7. Serve with coffee after a meal, or my favourite, serve with a small cup of hot milk for a hot chocolate with a difference. You can also buy decaf coffee beans in Australia if you prefer if you like a strong coffee flavor without the effect of caffeine.

However, if you are a coffee lover, you can try the คอร์ส เรียน กาแฟ to be able to make a great cup of coffee.

If you decide to make these, take a photograph and email me at diaryofafirstchild at gmail dot com and I will add it here. Alternatively leave a link to where you’ve uploaded it!

chocolate spoons by neil

Andrea from Life as I Know It has sent me this picture of her son Neil, having a bad day but still making chocolate spoons. I know – I didn’t think the words bad day and chocolate could go in the same sentence.  Boys, huh?


Just Have to Share – Chocolate Spoons for Coffee or Chocolate Milk

  1. Hi I have made these a few times for dinner parties, they go down very well. for an extra little indulgence I add a few drops of liqueur, for Adults only of course

    1. @Hayley, Hayley, I was thinking about your hot drinks dilemma and thought, you could probably melt the chocolate in a small amount of hot milk, then top up with cold milk and enjoy a lovely chocolately cold milk? Haven’t tried it though to see how it would work out!

  2. Wow, that sounds fabulous! I could almost have that for breakfast 😉
    .-= Quasi Serendipita´s last blog ..Greenwich me time =-.

  3. Mmmm… chocolate! I tried making this once, but the ‘fight’ between my teeth and spoon was so annoying, so I just stopped making more XD

    Found you via the SITS website. I particularly love your food posts with beautiful photographs 🙂

    Diar at http://www.thegaudia.com

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