Hi folks. I’ve lost, like, half a year. Can you help me find it please? This weeks pictures see us hurtling towards the end of June, and honestly, I can’t seem to slow time down!!

174/366 – Mama Win Day

I love days like this. I refer to them as Mama Win Days, as compared to Mama Fail Days. At the end of a Mama Win Day (MWD) I go to bed with happy girls who’ve had varied and busy days, we’ve had fun together and there’s been lots of laughter and friends.

This particular MWD saw Ameli’s first go on her new Kidimoto bike, Aviya smiling happily on the playmat at our AP mamas meetup, decorating ice cream cupcakes from our Summer Camp at Home activities, painting with water beads in the bath and playing with rice filled balloons, attached to paper ice cream cones. What a winning Mama day!

175/366 – Britmums Live

I was really excited to be sponsored by Zulily* to go to Britmums Live, the blogging conference for the UK’s parent bloggers. It’s held in London and Zulily kindly bought both my tickets and train fares for the two days and I’m very grateful to them. Aviya and I took the train on the Friday and made our way nice and early for a relaxed and unhurried start to the day. We queued up outside with the other bloggers and signed in. There were quite a few stalls for brands who wanted to work with bloggers, and this year there was a lot less ‘stuff’ being given away than last year, which I really quite liked. It felt less like a grab-all-you-can fest (which obviously you didn’t have to do last year either!) and more like an opportunity to talk and connect and develop relationships, which I really enjoyed.

We attended the sessions and while I won’t say I learned overwhelming amounts – I have been doing this to some extent or another for 8 years now, both for pleasure and profession after all – I loved meeting up with people I know from the blog (here’s looking at you, Lucy), seeing old faces again, (waving at Maggy, pictured having her first cuddles with Aviya, and Karen and Chelle) and brief hello’s with new friends I’m looking forward to getting to know better (that’s you Adele and Leta!) It was also lovely meeting completely new people (hi again Lara). Of course, there were many, many more, but writing this with a child asleep on my lap, and trying to keep myself awake after a particularly rough night (and so not rough in the same way it was when I was 18!) those are the names I remember for now! Sorry everyone else!

176/366 – Britmums Live Day 2

A very early morning’s departure saw Aviya and myself arrive again at Britmums Live in London. Day two was jam packed and my little starlet did ever so well. Everyone oohed and aahed over her, and she just took it all in her stride, sleeping for large parts of the day.

Being 3 months old, Aviya is easy to entertain anyway – it just takes a necklace with exciting bits to watch 🙂

By far the most useful session of Britmums Live for me was the one with Antonia Chitty on how to create an eBook. I ended up in the session accidentally as the one I’d intended to go to was very full and I didn’t feel like standing with Aviya through the whole session. Antonia really inspired me to get back to working on a project I started with  Joni Rae before Aviya was born. And not only was I inspired, but actually sent the bits she was waiting for to her by the end of the week. Yay me.

All in all, I really enjoyed the weekend and am so glad I got to go. Thanks Zulily!

*Zulily is the daily deals site I rave about constantly, if you’re with me on Facebook and Twitter! They sell goods for children and parents and have really fantastic offers, especially if you want to buy quality, lasting goods. We’ve bought wooden toys, beautiful clothes, and gorgeous accessories from Zulily and highly recommend them to everyone! For the US site, go here.

 177/366 – Crafting Together

Having been away from my biggest girlie for the best part of two days, we spent Sunday doing things together for the reconnection of time spent with each other.  We continued on the theme of Ice Cream from ASCAH, just being. It was lovely.

178/366 – Babycakes

I honestly don’t remember what we did this particular Monday. I think it was just a home day. Look at my beautiful girl. Cause, well, why not?

179/366 –  Farnham Breastfeeding Picnic

It was National Breastfeeding Awareness Week this week, and we had a breastfeeding picnic in the park. So basically we had a picnic, and when they wanted to our babies nursed. Kind of like they do every day. It was lovely – you can see more pictures of the Breastfeeding Picnic here

180/366 – Baby Massage Baby

My girly having tummy time, and trying to sit up as I’m setting up for baby massage class. What a big girly!

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

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Mamatography Week 26: Busy Little Bees

  1. It was so nice to see you! Aviya is sooooo cute I know I’ve said this countless times but everytime I see a pic of her, It just pops into my head!
    What a week eh?

  2. You really do keep busy! I don’t know how you do it, really. It looks like it was quite a fun and exciting week, and what an honor to be sponsored. You must be doing something right!

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