We’ve had a fun week this last week. Our Playlearning theme was Dr. Seuss, which if you’ve ever opened a book, you’ll know is zany and crazy and strange and the children just love it.

55: Cafe Culture. I love coffee. I love coffee shops. I love sitting in them, writing and letting my mind wonder. I used to love going for iced coffees or lattes with my mom, in our adult relationship – there wasn’t much money for cafes when  was growing up. It wasn’t really part of our culture. It’s something I hope to do with my girls in years to come. For a treat I sometimes give them foamed milk with chocolate sprinkles on it in espresso cups. They like it.

58: Wanted! I love how creative my friends are. I suppose some people would look at it as one-upmanship between mothers, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as us all doing our best for our children, and I love it. My friend Karen asked for ‘bad’ pictures of our children and at her son’s birthday party, the merry men- it was a Robin Hood party – had to go into the woods and find their wanted posters. It was great fun and so creative.

59: Cat in the Hat. Our Dr.Seuss week started with Cat in the Hat. You can read all the things we got up to here.

60: More Dr. Suess. Shrinkels and play rice. Two of especially Aviya’s favourite things.

61: The Lorax. Ameli got home from preschool to find the living room ‘transformed’ into the scene in the Lorax movie where the Once-ler goes down the river in his bed. She was thrilled and totally loved it. That made me very happy.

Mamatography Week 9


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Mamatography Week 9: Fun And Games

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