I was sent this infographic a few days ago by a brand of sunscreen I’ve always used on my children. Organic Children from Green People was the only sun lotion that I could put on Ameli when she was an extremely eczema prone baby and toddler that wouldn’t cause her to flair up, essentially ruining her swim or time outdoors.  There are many different sun creams on the market, from best for babies, best for eczema to the best sunscreen for acne prone skin, and finding what works for you may be trial and error.

Whichever sun cream you choose to use, here are ten interesting facts to keep in mind when you choose how to protect your and your children’s skin.

10 Facts about suncream


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10 Sun Cream Facts To Keep You Sun Safe – Infographic

  1. I’m not a great fan of sun lotions but these tips are really very useful, thank you! I don’t go to the beach very often and I don’t adore very much to sunbathe, especially for a long time but in my case sun lotions anyway are important. It’s because I have a very white skin and if I spend much time on beach during a sunny day without a special lotion… Well my skin will feel awful after that 🙁
    And yeah, it’s very important to remember that sun still affects on your skin even if you’re in water, I made such mistake several years ago when I was abroad and I got a severe sunburn which made my vacation much worse in general 🙁

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