Last week we were sent a box of Bear Claws and Alpa Bites for the kids to try out. They did, and what happened suggests that they loved it.

We were recording their review for YouTube – you can see it at the bottom of this post – and finished reviewing the Bear Claws, which consisted of two packs of 5 snacking portions. My camera battery went flat, so I nipped to the room to find the spare battery, which had already been packed away for our house move, and when I returned to the lounge, not ten minutes later, they had finished off all ten packets! I was really quite cross, but I guess it’s a good testament to what they thought of the Bear Claws!

Bear Claws

The packs we were sent were Mango & Carrot flavour and Apple, Pear and Pumpkin flavour.

On opening the Mango and Carrot packets, you get a definite aroma of carrot, but there’s very little carrot flavour that comes through. It’s a strong mango flavour instead, which makes it a hit with us.

The Apple, Pear and Pumpkin sounds like an odd mix and the flavour we found very hard to put your finger on, with Aviya saying it tastes like ‘everything’ – a mix of all three and none in particular. That said, it’s a delicious flavour. There weren’t any left!

These fruit packs count as one of your five a day, and they are 100% fruit and veg with “no nonsense added”. And they are shaped like animal paws and eyes, so kind of quirky and fun for the kids.

I am sure these would make great lunch box snacks as they are tart and sweet to make you not want or need any chocolate or other sugary snacks, but we never got to try that theory!

Alpha Bites

We’ve had Alpha Bites before, and I don’t remember the kids being overly excited by them last time, but this time they really like them. They’ve almost finished the whole bag of breakfast cereal in less than a week, so that’s something surprising considering they’re not made of chocolate!

In fact they are more honey-like in flavour, which Ameli says goes well with milk.

What draws the kids to them is also the fact that they are alphabet shaped, so even if you don’t have them in milk and instead have them as snacks in a lunch box, they sit trying to make words with the letters – educational food. What’s not to love!

To find out more about Bear Claws and Alpha Bites, watch the video here – and don’t forget to subscribe!

[youtube 3yMVlikGqV4]

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Bear Claws And Alpa Bites Review

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