The latest in the world of collectables are Moj Moj from MGA – the same people who brought us NumNoms and LOL Surprise. Moj Moj are cute, squishy, animal themed little toys that come in blind bags perfect for fans of unboxing. The first series of Moj Moj is named 😀 – that’s right… a smiley emoji. They’ve broken away from numbered series and will be using different emojis instead. Moj Moj Collectables

We received a special delivery from Moj Moj that contained four blind bags in a mix of colours. Blind bags can come in yellow, blue or pink, but as far as I can tell, the colour of the bag doesn’t indicate which type of Moj Moj is in the bag – feel free to drop me a comment if I’m wrong!

Each blind bag contains two Moj Moj, which is quite unusual for these types of collectables, and does make it feel like better value for money. The bag also includes a directory of (the currently) 95 Moj Moj available to be collected and traded.

Currently, Moj Moj are split into Adventure Seekers, Couch Potatoes, Day Dreamers, Happy Campers, Party Animals and Sun Bathers. They are all based on animals – penguins, pigs, puppies, elephants, bunnies and so on.

So, what do we think of Moj Moj?

The kids, as expected, love their Moj Moj. They were really excited about unboxing and were surprised to find two squishy toys in the bag. The Moj Moj are stretchy, squishy and gooey. They’re like those stretchy gum toys that you’d slap against a window  to make them stick, only you can’t stretch them as far, as they do break – one of our bunnies lost an ear from it being pulled too far. Many tears were shed.

Because of the squishy material, the Moj Moj does collect a bit of dirt/hair/etc but it washes off easy enough. Wetting them also makes them cling to walls and windows for a while, which the kids love too.

I don’t find these as hardy as, say NumNoms or Shopkins, and after some rough play over the last two days, some of them are looking a bit worse for wear. I don’t think they will last as long as the harder plastic collectables.

Even so, as is to be expected, the kids love them, and when all is said and done, thats the bit that matters,

Moj Moj are avaiable from The Entertainerat £4 for a pack of two.

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Moj Moj Collectables Review

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