Lol Surprise – Pearl Surprise Review

It’s always happy post for us when the post includes collectible toys, and especially when the package contains a LOL Surprise , and doubly so when there’s two LOL Surprises!  This time round I didn’t tell the kids what was in the package, so they didn’t know a thing, which was extra fun! They were… Read more: Lol Surprise – Pearl Surprise Review

New! LOL Surprise Lil Sister and Confetti Pop Dolls

The new 2018 series of LOL Surprise Dolls are out and we have been sent a few to have a look at. LOL Surprise sent us two dolls for Ameli and two dolls for her best friend – which lucky enough, happens to be her little sister, so that worked out conveniently for us.

Lol Surprise Lil’ Sister

Last year we told you about the first series of Lol Surprise dolls – the exciting unboxing toy that gives you layers of surprises.  Well, we’re back again with Lol Surprise’s Lil’ Sister. There are 45 of these doll combinations to collect, and they come in a little cheaper at £4.99 (compared to £7.99 for… Read more: Lol Surprise Lil’ Sister

LOL Surprise Dolls Review

To my eternal chagrin, my little Aviya is a collector. She loves collecting things – it used to be rocks, then it became Shopkins, then NumNoms, and now, LOL Surprise Dolls. It’s a good thing we have a big house with plenty of room for little things. The other thing about this particular little girl… Read more: LOL Surprise Dolls Review

Moj Moj Collectables Review

The latest in the world of collectables are Moj Moj from MGA – the same people who brought us NumNoms and LOL Surprise. Moj Moj are cute, squishy, animal themed little toys that come in blind bags perfect for fans of unboxing. The first series of Moj Moj is named  – that’s right… a smiley emoji. They’ve broken… Read more: Moj Moj Collectables Review

5 Crafty Gift Ideas To Ship To Faraway Family And Friends

What feels like a life-time ago now, the girls and I decided to send my dad in Australia a gift parcel with presents. Aside from the fact that shipping to Australia is really expensive, we didn’t actually have anything to send, per se, so had to come up with ideas. When you have family far… Read more: 5 Crafty Gift Ideas To Ship To Faraway Family And Friends

First Aid Beauty Review

We have two lovely products to give away to one reader today. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy, and the First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream. Coming up for winter my lips crack and my mouth hurts, and while I’m not a great fan of Vaseline based lip balms because they tend to dry… Read more: First Aid Beauty Review

Dear Ameli- Letter To A Thirteen Month Old

Dearest little girl, Yes, that’s you. No longer a baby, but a full blown toddler, walking, (sort of) talking, toddler. My beautiful little girl. I don’t even know where to start. Our life hasn’t exactly been normal since your arrival, has it? We’ve not had the ‘normal’ first year with baby. We arrived in South… Read more: Dear Ameli- Letter To A Thirteen Month Old