The new 2018 series of LOL Surprise Dolls are out and we have been sent a few to have a look at.

LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise sent us two dolls for Ameli and two dolls for her best friend – which lucky enough, happens to be her little sister, so that worked out conveniently for us.
Lol Surprise Dolls

They also sent two happy valentine’s day cards, so the girls got to write each other a card and exchange them, which was rather sweet.

LOL Surprise VDay Cards

The LOL Surprise series 3 dolls have yellow wrappers, and along with one of the 35 dolls in this series each layer contains a little surprise. There are  clues that  hint at which doll is hidden inside, reveal stickers, accessories and the ball turns into a bath or keyring.

Lol Surprise Dolls

Each layer of the balls has a little easy-to-peel ‘zip’ which you can use to pull that layer off and expose it’s surprises.

Lol Surprise Dolls

As the layers are revealed, you uncover clues as to the identity of the doll. For example, the first image shows that she colour changes when you add cold water. The second: crown + Jewell = crown jewell, which turned out to be Lil Sugar Queen. The next one: rock+ out = rock out, which came with Cheeky Babe. Lol Surprise Dolls

Eventually you get to the final layer – (most of ours come in yellow balls. One of ours was this rose gold. I’m not sure if that means something, I can’t find information on the ball colours!)  Inside the ball is a selection of little gifts all individually wrapped.

Lol Surprise Dolls

These are some of the accessories from our three lil sister balls

Lol Surprise Dolls

My girls clearly love their LOL Surprise Lil Sisters

Lol Surprise Dolls

Also new this year is the LOL Surprise Confetti Pop. This ball is bigger than the others, and it contains a hidden surprise, and one of the big sisters (the accessories in the LiL Sister balls usually fit the big sisters). This ball has nine surprises.

Watch our video here to find out more about the Confetti Pop and what the whole surprise element of that is:

We went for a walk and of course the LOLS had to come with us for impromptu play along the way. It was really cold and we were surprised to find that the colour change works really well without the water if the air is cold enough!

LOL Surprise colour change

We were  sent these Lol Surprise dolls to review in exchange for the dolls. The kids’ opinions are their own!


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