This week the kids and I were introduced for the first time to the joys of Gel-A-Peel. Gel-A-Peel is as the name suggests a liquid gel with which you can make patterns and shapes, decorations, jewellery and anything else you can think of really. Leave it to dry for a few hours and peel it off – hey presto!


We received a Glow In The Dark Gel-A-Peel pack to review as part of the #DesignaDiary project.

The box contains 3 glow in the dark gel tubes in fluorescent yellow, pink and orange, design templates, 5 designer tips – like icing tips – and a gel tray and some tools for spreading and wiping up.

You place the nozzles – the designer tips – on the gel tubes and create your designs. Leave them to dry and you have fun, funky accessories that you can add to almost anything!

Much like icing cakes, creating anything really pretty with the Gel-A-Peel tubes and tips takes a bit of practice. I eventually managed to make dots look like dots, but the stars were beyond me. (I also make cakes that only my kids can love.)Gel-a-Peel

As long as the tubes stay closed, the gel inside stays liquid, but if you swap out tips, the gel dries out inside them and you have to pull it out before you start using it again. It’s simple and my little one thought I was purposely making witches hats!

When you create a design you have a little time before it dries, so you can scrape it off and start again.

It’s a fun activity to do and a fab way to decorate and personalise your diary, or other things. I let the kids have free reign over our Gel-A- Peel activity and they made bracelets, and particularly loved the gel tray with the little emoticon-style faces and figurines. They felt like they were making their own (albeit 2D) Shopkins – though I’m sure there are clever people out there who would find a work-around for that!)


Ameli had a blast decorating the diary, which she now gets to keep too.

Gel-A-Peel kits are available from leading toy shops, or Amazon – you can see a whole array of available options here.

This product was sent to us free in exchange for an honest review

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