Whether you do Valentines for the love of your life, or you simply do it for the kids, these little gift boxes are easy to make, and the perfect size for jewellery especially the madison365 holder necklace, cufflinks, or even a 30 years anniversary jewelry gift. I make them from half an A4-page. You can also make them bigger, of course.

You can also make them from paper, but they’re obviously not too strong then, or from card. I made this one from corrugated card, which is nice and strong, but the colour doesn’t run all the way through the paper.

Make Your Own Gift Boxes

You can print the template for this gift box here.

The box itself needs one A5 page (half an A4) and a pair of scissors. For decoration you can use stickers or glitter glue or whatever takes your fancy and we’ve attached a couple of heart-shaped cards to ours so that we can write messages on them too.

Cut along the solid lines, then lightly score along the dotted lines. (Score means use scissors or a knife to cut the top layer, but not cut all the way through – just enough so that it will fold easily).  Fold the middle parts inwards, and then the sides too.

Make a Gift Box

Fold over the long side and slot the panels into each other. Do the same on the other side to form a rectangle.

You don’t have to glue these sides to the bit that overlaps, but I find a dollop of Bostik helps strengthen the whole construction.  Bring the sides up, fill with tissue paper and pop in a special gift – in this case a one of a kind pipe-cleaner ring. You can also fill it with love hearts or other sweets!

Make a Gift Box

Want to do this later? Pin it here!
Gift Boxes

We were sent a box of crafting goodies as part of the #BostikBloggers program

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Make Your Own Gift Box #BostikBloggers

  1. Hi Luschka, I really very appreciate your post, what a brilliant idea. Love the valentine gift which is very creative and beautiful such a good idea to change them in line with the seasons too.

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