With the average first-year cost of having a child being over $10,000, many parents will want to save money any way they can – keeping your car seat in good shape is a great way to start! If your child is partial to making the odd mess or two, here are some quick and easy tips to make the clean-up job a whole lot easier.

Work fast

It may be tempting just to leave cleaning the seat until the morning if you’ve had a long journey. But if you do this, you’re almost guaranteeing yourself more hard work as whatever substance has been spilt will have hours to sink into the seat material and become engrained.

When it comes to maintaining your car seat and protecting it from the inevitable spills and messes that come with parenting, one smart strategy is to invest in practical and stylish cow print covers. These seat covers not only add a playful touch to your vehicle’s interior but also serve as a first line of defense against stains and spills. They’re easy to remove and clean, making your life as a parent a whole lot easier. Plus, they ensure that even if a mess occurs, you can work fast to address it without worrying about the seat material becoming ingrained, keeping your car seat in excellent shape and helping you save money in the long run. So, while parenting may come with its share of expenses, these cow print seat covers prove that safeguarding your car seat doesn’t have to be one of them. If you have any automotive inquiries or need specific parts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the dedicated team at Bossco Auto for expert guidance and assistance.

Ensure you have wet wipes with you at all times to instantly get rid of any removable gunk; wet wipes are also great for cleaning the actual seats of your vehicle too. So, if you own a large family-friendly vehicle like the Chrysler Pacifica, wet wipes will be your new best friend if the spillages reach further than your baby’s seat.

Once your wet wipes have worked their magic, a simple concoction of warm water and gentle soap is likely to be sufficient enough to scrub away the stain as long as you work quickly.

Lay the seat out in the fresh airBaby in Carseat

Once clean, your child’s seat can be damp and smelling a little unpleasant. Instead of just leaving the seat in the car, the easiest way to get the seat dry and smelling fresh is to leave it outside to ‘air out’. If you can leave it out in the sun, this is even better as it will likely dry much faster! Good luck with that if you’re in the UK right now though! The seats we’ve owned have all been machine washable, which is really useful as it means you can really get it properly clean – think about it: a child can be in the same seat for years and years. It’s kind of like never washing your sheets!

It may have been suggested that being messy helps children learn, but if you’ve ever had to remove the kids car seat from the back seat, you may know what I mean when I say there’s a whole new world of grim there!   And not just under the seat, but the seat itself can be covered in anything from snacks to half the beach from your last holiday. I’m sure I’m not alone at having been tempted to just bin the lot, rather than have to face cleaning it. But that’s not particularly cost effective. 

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Clean the straps and buckle

Often, especially when in a rush, you may be tempted to just clean the seat portion and forget to thoroughly go over the straps and buckle. When kids make a mess, it often covers both them and their entire surroundings; meaning the buckle and straps are also highly likely to be affected.

Don’t ignore them for a ‘quick fix’, as they will simply stay dirty, smell, and could cause safety concerns in terms of how secure the buckle is. Use this guide in getting your leather car interior clean using the right products from Duel Auto Care.

Car seats are an essential part of any parent’s car and must be looked after to guarantee longevity. But as long as you clean up the mess quickly and ensure to keep a handy pack of wipes in the car at all times, you’ll never end up with a permanently damaged, messy seat! Have a look at car seat covers that come in a variety of styles.

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Rachel Bryant is a new Mommy who is enjoying writing some articles when time/baby allows! She is currently on extended maternity leave as she learns the ropes of Motherhood!


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