Last year we told you about the first series of Lol Surprise dolls – the exciting unboxing toy that gives you layers of surprises.  Well, we’re back again with Lol Surprise’s Lil’ Sister.

There are 45 of these doll combinations to collect, and they come in a little cheaper at £4.99 (compared to £7.99 for the big sister).

Lol Surprise Lil Sister

Like her big sister, the Lil’ Sister comes in layers, but she only has 3 layers and these contain two stickers and then the ball. As with the Lol Surprise dolls, the layers are ‘zipped’ so they can be easily accessed.  (The ball itself adds an extra layer, and then each accessory is wrapped too, so 5 layers in all.) Lol Surprise Lil Sister

The goodies for the Lil’ Sister are all in the centre of the ball, with three spotted bag containing accessories and one striped bag with the Lil’ Sister. Lol Surprise Lil Sister

I don’t really understand why the Lil’ Sister comes with accessories for the big sister and nothing in her size or for her, but Aviya seems quite pleased with the fact that there were bits for the big sister. One of the bags also contains a key chain that you can attach to the ball which you can then carry your Lil’ Sister around in. (Some balls become bath tubs, some become key chains) Lol Surprise Lil Sister

To see the colour changing effects, which are different in each doll, you need to dip them in icy water. In true me style, we didn’t have iced water, just iced coffee cubes! But they worked and our Lil’ Sister showed us her hair streaks and star tattoos.

Lol Surprise Lil Sister

Aviya loves these, and as you can see, she’s thrilled to bits. You can pick up Lol Surprise dolls from toy retailers and Amazon.

You can watch her unboxing video here:


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