You know we’re coming up for Halloween when the monster crafts start creeping into your timeline, and this September’s BostikBloggers is no different! Here’s our Monster Garland craft for you – super simple and to set up, uses up all the odds and ends in your craft box, and adds a non-scary Halloween craft to your decor. Monster Garland

I decided to make a sturdy thread to hang the monsters on, as with embellishments they are a little bit top heavy, so used a length of wool to make a single-threaded-braid. (Make a loop in the wool, then pull the string through it, creating a new loop. Continue doing so till you have the required length of wool.)

Monsters Crafts

Our Bostikbloggers box this month came with two little finger puppet felts in green and purple, but I decided we would need more for our monster garland. I used some felts from our felt drawer, and using pins to secure my two ‘patterns’ to them, cut out a few more.

Monster Crafts

I used leftover bits of felt to ‘stuff’ the inside of each finger puppet to give it some dimension, and used the Bostik glue to seal the two sides together. Give the children a mixture of googly eyes in different shapes and sizes, some feathers and a few marker pens and other bits and pieces, and let them go wild with it.

Once you’re done decorating your monsters, dab a drop of glue to the back, and lay the braided string over it. I found it helpful to use a pin to secure it till the glue dries.

Monsters Crafts Monsters Crafts

Once you’re done hang your garland up and decorate your home for Halloween. See more Halloween  crafts here

We’ve been sent the crafts from Craft Merrily as part of the BostikBloggers program. 

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