A few years ago, I was sorting through one of those boxes of random things that just end up in a corner at the back of the wardrobe, when I found a small box filled with letters my mother had written to me when I was a teenager.  The thing is, my mom had died three months before and finding those letters were like a little gift from heaven. I decided then that I had to make sure that my girls received letters from me. Letters that I will keep in their memory boxes for them, that they can rediscover one day. When we received our #BostikBloggers box this month, with its Valentine’s Day theme, I decided this was a perfect opportunity to write each of my girls a letter.

Pop Up Valentine's Day Cards

Pop up cards are quite simple – at least the way I made these!

Step one for this card is printing some photos. I took quick pics with my girls, and printed them on our home printer, but you can do it all a bit more professionally if you want. Decorate the cards as you like – layering works nicely, and a frame makes it pretty too. These are very basic: a rectangle laid across the cover, and the image overlaid on it.

A few embellishments added here and there add to the overall look too.

Step two involves folding and cutting. Take a strip of paper and fold in a concertina – one over, one under. Cut a heart shape making sure the sides aren’t cut as you need them to stay attached. One option is to make a mini-book pop up, like the heart below. There are enough ‘pages’ to write ‘I love u’, which pops up when the card is open.

Pop Up Valentine's Day Cards

Alternatively, just fold it four times. This way the two outside hearts are stuck face down to the card, so the two inner hearts will pop up. I used Bostik Glu Dots for the inside.

Pop Up Valentine's Day Cards

Step three is to glue the two outside shapes into the book, and then let it all dry before writing your message. (Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen and or Glu Dots both work)

Maybe down the line the girls will find these cards in their memory boxes and it’ll be as meaningful to them as the ones I received from my mother mean to me. That’s a Valentine’s Day worth remembering.

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We received a box of crafting goodies from Craft Merrily as part of the Bostik Bloggers project. 

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