Valentine's Day Book MarksWe received loads of little pretty goodies in our BostikBloggers box this month and I simply loved the beautiful rose paper. I could have used it to make a card, but that’s so fleeting, so I wanted to make something else with it. I decided to make Valentine’s day bookmarks (that would work just as well for Mother’s Day or similar!) to include in the Valentine’s Day cards for my girls.

This is honestly the simplest little bookmark, but it’s quite cute!

Step One: Fold the card in half and glue the insides together so the bookmark is double sided.

Step Two: Trace or draw a heart at the top of each card, then cut the heart out – but don’t cut it all the way, keep the bottom of the heart attached to the rest of the bookmark.

Step Three: Glue or stick a heart shaped sticker on top of the original heart to give it some dimension.

Step Four:  Starting at the bottom of the card, cut two similarly spaced slots three quarters of the way up the card.

Step Five: Give your sweetheart their bookmark (and if they really like reading, have a look at the awesome book subscription I told you about last week – You could slip the card in with the first book, if you’re organised, and if you’re not, you can print out the confirmation of your order and attach your bookmark to it.) along with the latest book from their favourite author!

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Valentine's Day Book Marks


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