I can’t quite believe how quickly the months seem to pass at the moment, but here we are again, ready with our next #BostikBloggers project, this time Bonfire Night Snack Jars that can be used for your fireworks snacking, but we are filling ours with Smores Cheesecake.

The #BostikBlogger theme this month is Bonfire Night, so we wanted to do something with fireworks.

For this craft we used an empty jar and a variety of  Bostik Glitter Pens per person.

Making sure to use clean, dry jars with all sticky labeling removed, use the glitter pens to make swirly fireworks around the outside of the jar. I added in dots for smaller ‘fireworks’.

Leave the jar(s) to dry for a few hours – I left ours overnight, then fill with treats for your bonfire night snacks. You could fill the with pick a mix sweets, popcorn, pretzels, nuts and raisins (chocolate covered!) Or as we will, fill them with Smores cheesecake – extra awesome because you can make them a day in advance.

This no-bake cheesecake consists of a layer of crackers, cheesecake, chocolate ganache, and toasted marshmallows.

Pop a lid on the finished product and pack it (and a spoon!) into your bag for your fireside snacking pleasure!

As BostikBloggers we receive a free box of craft goodies once a month to create themed crafts.

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