A few weeks ago we were sent a fun new game, perfect for spring, to review – unfortunately spring hasn’t bothered to show thus far, so instead of popping the kids out in field of wildflowers with a bubble game to enjoy, we had to put a sheet down in the kitchen and get them to play Gazillion’s Bubble Pong Game there! It was fun, anyway, but I might have been smarter about this and left the sheet out – the kitchen floor would have had a deep clean out of it!

Gazillion bubble pong

What’s in the box?

In the box you’ll find bubble liquid, and the bubble machine and six ping pong balls.

Bubble Pong Game

How does Bubble Pong work?

The game is really quick to set up. It comes pretty much assembled, and you just have to pop the ‘wings’ in and put the balls in place. Well, that and the 8 “AA” batteries it requires.  Fill the bubble liquid holders at the bottom, flip the switch to the middle and press on the ‘start’ button.

Bubble Pong Game

To make the game work, you need to lob the ball at the ground and hope it bounces back up and into the two round holes. If you get it in the wrong side, you’ll get a face full of bubbles, but if you get it in the right side – your opponent does.

Bubble Pong Game

Keep going until the first person gets three balls in the right slots – indicated by the lights on the ‘dashboard’.

Bubble Pong Game

There are three difficulty levels – with the wings is the hardest, without them is intermediate and you can removed the wings and the slots for the easiest level.

There are two options here – pong and bubbles – meaning if the kids get tired of playing Bubble Pong, they can just chase bubbles around the garden.

As with most bubble machines you’ll run through the liquid quite quickly so you’ll need to buy a big bottle, and you’re better off getting some reusable batteries, because the sheer number of batteries required is quite disturbing to me!

That said, the kids had loads of fun and there was lots of laughter and screetching. I’m sure the neighbours loved it!  We’re looking forward to trying it out outdoors in better weather.

The game is £19.99 at major toy retailers, but we received it free in exchange for a review.

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