I’ve never considered myself very girly, so where my daughters have developed a fascination and love of girly things is beyond me, but a love for girly things they have! We’ve been sent the Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head from Just Play to review, and it’s one my girls are thrilled with. In fact, slipped in among a group of birthday presents, this one in play for the best part of an entire day, which is strong praise from one of my children!disney-princess-ariel-bath-styling-head-review

The Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head is typical in many respects – a head with thick, flowing locks of red hair, perfect for styling, brushing, plaiting and more. Along with the head-and-shoulders Ariel, you receive a necklace, hair brush, hair comb and four hair clips and a sea shell for scooping water.disney-princess-ariel-bath-styling-head-review

What’s different about the bathtime styling head is that Ariel also has colour changing eyes and lips, and a blue highlight in her hair changes to an aqua colour when the hair is wet. The lips change between red and pink and the eyelids change from a hair-matching brownish red to a highlight-matching greenish colour. Simply use the sea shell to pour warm water over the head and you can see the colours change, changing back as it dries. A point to note here: all the material says to use ice cold water, but we’ve tried that and it does nothing, while warm water makes it change immediately. That makes more sense for the bath anyway, as why would you want to add icy water to the bath!?


The hair clips are made to fit Ariel’s hair, but they can also fit into the stylist’s hair too, which is a nice touch. Of course, you can add regular hair clips and elastics for all the styling and arranging.

The whole affair sticks to the wall using three suction cups, and they do a surprisingly good job of doing so. The head also turns round 360 degrees, which means that while the whole thing is stuck to the wall, you can turn the head to face you so that you can work on the hair at the back of the hair. It does mean poor Ariel is nose to the wall, but she doesn’t seem to mind so much.


Ariel’s hair is superbly soft and shiny, and is quite a pleasure to work with, once you’ve managed to pull out all the bits of packaging. Speaking of which… you don’t need a sharp object to get this out of the packaging, but it does help save your nails!


The Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head is available from Amazon for £24.99

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