To my eternal chagrin, my little Aviya is a collector. She loves collecting things – it used to be rocks, then it became Shopkins, then NumNoms, and now, LOL Surprise Dolls. It’s a good thing we have a big house with plenty of room for little things.

The other thing about this particular little girl is that she loves pass the parcel. It’s her favourite party game – she loves it so much, for Christmas I wrapped 50 little collectables in a big ball for her Christmas present. She loved it.

So, LOL Surprise Dolls are totally her cup of tea!

LOL Surprise is a big ball, wrapped in seven layers, with each layer revealing a ‘surprise’. 

There’s a cute little printed zip design on each layer, which, once pulled reveals stickers, secret messages and little hidden compartments with blind bags inside. The blind bags themselves contain such items as dresses, shoes, accessories and a drinks bottle for each character. 

At the end you’re left with a little purse where you can keep all the LOL bits together. Opened up, the purse can also be a bath or a little ‘home’ for them all to hang out in.

And in the end, you’ll receive one of 45 dolls (in series 1). The dolls can spit, cry or wee, which of course the children love! (They do this by having water ‘injected’ into the mouth by the drinks bottle, then squeezing the head to see where it comes out again.) Some of them also have colour changing outfits. 

As you can see – the unboxing was very exciting.

And our Merbaby doll spits up her water.  We only have one of these, but I’d imagine the outfits and accessories are interchangeable.

LOL Surprise dolls cost £7.99, so they aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but they do offer a lot more than many other collectibles in terms of playability, so that counts in their favour. I imagine if you had a duplicate you’d be rather disappointed, but hopefully you could swap with someone else,  or knowing my girls, they’d use that one to ‘customise’ their dolls. Anyway, with 45 dolls, your chances are good.

You can find LOL Surprise dolls in the better toy shops, and we’ve even found them in our local Tesco. Find them here at Smyths and here at Argos.

We were sent this LOL Surprise Doll in exchange for a full and honest review. 

LOL Surprise

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LOL Surprise Dolls Review

  1. OMG, She got the LOL Surprise Merbaby mermaid! That is awesome! My daughter loves mermaids! We recently bought the new LOL Pearl Surprise, I thought, it would have a mermaid tail or dress for the LOL doll but it did not come with. But other than that it was very cool to see the shell fizz ball .
    Love your blog!♥

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