I am not much of an artist. I’m pretty much a stick figure kind of girl, but about a year ago I bought a book called How to Draw 101 Fairies* – which gives you a step by step picture guide for drawing 101 different fairies. Now, if you did a side by side comparison of their fairies and mine, there are vast differences, and all my fairies would be claiming disability because they have heinously deformed hands and feet, and faces in some cases, but never mind… the fairies haven’t noticed, and neither have the children.Story Sticks

Anyway, I bought this book about a year ago so that I could learn to draw fairies, and when I saw that it was National Tell A Fairytale Day on Friday, I thought it was a great opportunity to pull out the book and get practising. Having drawn a bunch of fairies, my girls saw them and loved them, so I thought story sticks would be a fun idea.Story Sticks

Ameli is a really creative storyteller already, so I’m quite excited to hear what stories these characters will help her come up with.

With the help of How to Draw 101 Fairies, I drew “Corn Fairy”, “Flutter”, “Fluffy”, “Puddle”, “Glitter”, “Hiccup” and “Cupcake”.

Having drawn the picture, I simply cut around it, then glued it to coloured card, cut around that and attached a lollipop stickStory Sticks

I’m pretty sure our new fairy friends will bring lots of stories to our Tell A Fairytale Friday, and I’m excited to add to our fairy family in time.


Fairy Story Sticks

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