Well, it’s that time of year again. I’m sitting in Starbucks writing this, and I’ve heard two people at two different tables mentioning mother’s day and that they’ve been ‘dropping hints’ for one thing or another.

Ladies – in my limited experience: hints don’t work. If you want something, ask. Ask and then forget about it, ideally. Then there’s some surprise on the day.

My children have a dedicated father, but a not-so-dedicated-mother’s-day-celebrator-father. Which means that if I want anything for mother’s day, it’s up to me to make sure it’s in their hands on the day, one way or another. This year, I want to add to my one love bracelets (also a present from myself to myself!) so I’m excited to know there’s a mother’s day bracelet coming my way!

This lovely butterfly link bracelet* really surprised me, actually. In the picture it looks quite rough and bulky, but despite the large links, it is actually quite a fine piece of jewellery. I’m very pleased with it.

Mother's Day Bracelet

PrezzyBox have a variety of personalised bracelet options, but the butterfly is always special to me, so that’s the one I went for.

This Butterfly Link Personalised Bracelet* is a gorgeous piece of jewellery made from

The bracelet is 7.5 inches in length and fits comfortably on an average sized wrist (mine!). The large toggle clasp does in fact make it easy to slide the clasp in place single handedly rather than fussing with tiny, finicky fastenings. The included charms are a butterfly and a ‘puffy’ heart, and there’s also a flat heart shaped charm which can be personalised with a word of your choice (up to 8 letters or numbers including spaces). Mother's Day Bracelet

I am a ‘fine’ jewellery wearer. I don’t really like bulky jewellery, so I thought this might be an occasion piece for me, but I must admit, it isn’t despite the large chain link, so I think I’ll be wearing it as much as I can!

The personalised bracelet also comes with a black velveteen gift bag, so you just need to add a card, and it is gift-ready.

For £15.99 (at the time of writing there’s also a 15% sale, so it’s only £13.45) you simply can’t go wrong. To buy this personalised bracelet from Prezzybox, click here*.


*I received this bracelet for free and have added affiliate links. My opinion is honest and my own. I don’t endorse products I don’t like or use myself.

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Mother’s Day Bracelet From Prezzybox

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