Children face a fair amount of adversity over the course of their youth and are often faced with tough situations, like moving to a new city or starting over again at a new school. Smart parents know how to instill a confident attitude in their children from a young age (And they can save money on assorted literature about the subject by using coupons). Those who are also interested in foster parenting may learn some tips on how to raise respectful and confident children.


Don’t (Always) Intervene

Children are going to have to deal with a wide range of unpleasant situations, whether it’s not getting invited to a birthday party or falling out with a best friend. Kids do need encouragement, but excessive encouragement can stifle their ability to develop a natural sense of self confidence – read more about Encouraging Words For Kids here. Feeling sad or angry is normal and parents need to let them feel these emotions and process them at their own pace, instead of swooping in to fix it.

Make Your Compliments Genuine

Parents who do not know how to make their compliments genuine often dole out praise to their children for the smallest accomplishments. In turn, this causes children to stop taking these compliments seriously. If you want to boost your child’s self-esteem, be sure to provide compliments that you really mean. Praising them for a job well done on their schoolwork is one thing, praising them for things that they are supposed to do is another.

Let Them Make Choices

Making every decision on behalf of your child is a great way to keep them from developing the ability to make their own choices. While your child will certainly make the wrong decisions from time to time, stepping up and letting them go through the process on their own teaches them how to get back up and make better choices in the future. It’s all about risk management!

Let them start by making simple decisions about their wardrobe and personal appearance and go from there.

Help Them Find Their Calling

Building confidence is about finding out what you’re good at. When your child shows a level of aptitude or a special interest, be sure to nurture this talent. Parents who wish to find out what their child is truly interested in can introduce them to several different activities and let them find their own way. Once they’ve found their passion, take a step back and watch it develop.

Allow Them To Spend Time Around Adults

Most kids love to spend time with their friends, but they should also get a healthy dose of adult mentoring. Being able to talk to adults who have already been there and done that helps to increase confidence, especially when kids are facing some uncharted territory. It also gives them confidence to approach an adult with questions and concerns they may not want to raise with their parents, so having trusted adults ‘on side’ is good for everyone.


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How To Raise Confident Children

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