I don’t want to say it too loudly, in case I frighten it away, but this week, for a moment, I was pretty sure spring was finally here! We’ve been making flower crafts for our Bostik Bloggers box this month and wanted to show them off in the sunshine with a spring picnic. In true British style, it was still really cold, and windy, but we had a good go at it anyway!

Spring Picnic

Make Flower Bed Cutlery Holders For Your Spring Picnic

Our Bostik Bloggers box contained lots of little paper flowers, and flowery themed paper squares. One of them was really unusaully textured – it looked like green grass.

I cut  out rectangles and lined them with the pretty rosy paper, cut to the same size. I lay a yellow ribbon along it, long enough on either side to allow for a ribbon. Once this is all glued in place and dried, I used some Bostik Glu Dots to attach the paper flowers to the ribbon and Bostik Glitter Pens to make the centre dot.

Leave it to dry, then make a bow with the ribbon. Insert the cutlery and lay it out ready for your picnic. Add a rose serviette to finish the place settings.

Fold Serviette Roses For Your Spring Picnics

I have an abundance of Christmas serviettes, and no spring ones, so, with apologies, I’m going to be using the Christmas serviettes for this.

  • Start by opening up the serviette into a square.
  • Fold it in half so that it forms a triangle.
  • Starting at the bottom, closed edge, roll the serviette up toward the pointy edge, leaving about a quarter unrolled.
  • Flip it over, keeping a firm hold on the rolled part, then starting on one of the rolled ends, roll along the rolled edge again, then fold the end in on itself.
  • Open up the pointy edge to shape the ‘leaves’ of the roses.

If that doesn’t make sense, there are plenty of video tutorials on Youtube!

Decorative Drinking Straws For Your Spring Picnic

This is so simple it’s almost a cheat to call it a craft, but it’s really affective. It adds immediate cheer to your spring table.

For this craft I used paper straws I had left over from Easter, with some of the silk flowers and skeleton leaves from the Bostik Bloggers Box. Using the Glu Dots to attach the flowers to the straw.  Make sure to attach them high enough up that the straw still reaches the bottom of the jar or glass, but low enough that you’re not putting the paper in your mouth.

It looks really effective. The kids loved it.

Hama Bead Flowers For Spring Picnics (And Camping)

I recently bought two Hama Bead Kits for the kids, and while I expected them to have fun with them, I didn’t expect the four days they did nothing but make Hama shapes. It was super. The Bostik Bloggers box this month included a flower Hama bead shape and some beads, so I got in on the action and used just the flower head to make 8 Hama flowers.

Once the flowers were completed, we put two flowers on a skewer by piercing through the existing bead holes and layering them at different heights.  We were going to use these to ‘anchor’ our picnic blanket, but the grass was swamp like, so we decorated our picnic table instead.

I also think these would be really pretty around a tent, you could use them to draw attention to guy ropes. I’m sure it’ll look festive and fun!

See more flower themed crafts here and see more Flower themed crafts from the other Bostik Bloggers below:

We were sent a box of craft supplies from Craft Merrily for the Bostik Bloggers project. 

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