Christmas might be upon us, but there’s still plenty winter left, and while my little space in the world doesn’t see snow, normally, there’s plenty of cold to go around, and many opportunities for winter warmers, so I decided to use this month’s ‘snow’ theme from BostikBloggers to make something warm and cozy – an alternative at least for those of us who don’t have fire places!


I keep meaning to buy a felt needle, but that wasn’t something I needed for this project – the Bostik White Glu worked perfectly.

To make Snowy Candle Holders:

To make your snowy candle holders you will need:

Begin with a clear, clean, dry jar.

Cut a strip of about 2 – 3cm wide from the white felt (or the correct size to cover the lower third of the jar).

Spread a light layer of glue over it.

Glue this all the way around the bottom of the jar.

Next, cut another strip of about 2 – 3cm from the snowy felt, keeping one edge as straight as possible.

This next step is the more time-consuming step: cut jagged edges on the other edge by cutting uneven triangles along it. Make some big and some small, make them uneven, or be adventurous and make some slightly curved – you want it to look like icicles, hanging down.

Add the glue along the inside of this strip, then glue it to the top of the jar, keeping the straight edge level with the top.

Finally, drop the tealights inside and enjoy the flicker of candlelight, bouncing off the snow.

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE do not leave candles unattended, even in a jar three or four times their sizes! Nutella jars are perfect for upcycling, but they aren’t made to be candle holders, even though they do the job, so keep an eye on your candles. Also, never use a glass if it’s cracked – apparently that can make it more likely to break.

You can of course also use battery operated candles, which should be pretty too, and give you less to worry over.

We’ve been sent the crafts from Craft Merrily as part of the Bostik Bloggers program.

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