It’s that time of year where daffodils and dandelions abound, which means spring has sprung and summer is coming! But before blissful days on the beach – I’m an optimist – there are a few things to do first – like enjoy Easter!  The Bostik Blogger box this month was a fairly simple one, with bold and beautiful colours, beads, ready made felt stickers and a few other springy and Easterish bits and bobs.  It happens to also have been this week that Aviya popped dug out her sun hat, so it seemed fated, really, that we should be decorating Easter Bonnets this week. 

As I said, this month’s box contained a variety of ready made goodies, like the flowers, bird, bees and eggs you can see here. They are really pretty, so seemed the ideal centerpiece for our bonnet.

We wrapped a ribbon around it, then threaded the beads through the pipe cleaners to make colourful ‘stems’, and topped them with the Easter Egg, bird and flower stickers to make a garden.

Using Bostik Gludots we stuck the chicks, rabbits and bees down (they are already glued but not ideally suited to a rough and uneven surface).

And so we have a pretty, cute, and simple Easter Bonnet a little girl is very proud of and happy with!

We’ve been sent the crafts from Craft Merrily as part of the Bostik Bloggers program.

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