Following our first experience with Glow in the Dark Gel-a-Peel a few months ago, we were keen to try the Gel-a-Peel Pearly Pastels in time for Mothering Sunday. Of course this sees me overseeing the decoration of my own gifts, but hey ho, these are the sacrifices we must make.  I absolutely loved the ‘frames’ that came with the kit, so decided to make them, but rather than cutting the pictures to size to fit inside, just used them as overlays. I love it!

Like the Glow In the Dark Gel-a-Peel, the Pearly Pastels came with three tubes of the gel, a mould with a variety of flowers, jewels, and other decorative dots, and the tracing pages. It also came with the metal bits for earrings.

I absolutely loved the shimmery colours in this kit. The green, pink and white are glittery, pearly and just beautiful. My five year old filled some of the moulds, though it takes all her strength to squeeze the gel out – this is good as it means it doesn’t just go everywhere!

We enjoyed experimenting with the different colours and mixing and stirring them in the moulds, with the resulting Mother of Pearl colours. It’s quite beautiful!

For our Mother’s Day craft, I made a pink and white ‘frame’ and then a green and white one, leaving them to dry over night. 
Printed photos topped on card, then topped with the frames and it makes a fun, unusual and beautiful Mothering Sunday card.

You can also use the gems and jewels to decorate, as we did with the jar the spring Daffodils are in.

This is such a fun set, and there’s so much you can do with it, like make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and much more!#

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