This month’s Botik blogger theme is creatures and we were so excited to make some fairy houses we got a head start and made a village!

We’ve added the toys from our unicorn play set to make it all complete, but read on to see how simple these hobbit-hole fairy houses are to make. 

To make paper fairy houses:

There are two ways to make these fairy houses. The first (the one on the right in the image above) is really quick, so you can go from make to play in about 20 minutes. The second (the one on the left) takes a bit longer as ideally you want to leave it overnight to dry, but it makes for a sturdier fairy house.  The instructions for the second version will be added in italics below.

You will need:

  • A strong cardboard for the base – I used the carboard backing from a toy’s box
  • Cardboard from a cereal box or similar, cut into two parts
  • A few sheets of newspaper or magazine paper
  • White glu 
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or other quick drying glue

To make the fairy houses:

Firstly, draw an outline for the front of the house on one side of the cereal box. Look at the image above for an example, but obviously you can change the windows and door to suit your needs.  Make it a round house though to create this hobbit-house look. Cut out the house. Start on one end of the other side of the cereal box and measure the length of it so that you know how long to cut the ‘roof’ strip. Cut a long rectangle about five centimetres wide.

Cut out the windows and door of the front of the house.

(If you’re doing it the long way, tear the magazine into strips)

Use quick glue or a glue gun to attach the front of the house to the roof. (For the  long way, mix 2 teaspoons of white glu with a teaspoon of water and stir well. Dip the magazine strips in the glue, then paste them over the bones of the house. Cut out the windows and door [and then wash your hands and the scissors! Set aside to dry, preferably over night])

Paint the base of the house – we went with green, since it’s the grassy bit.

(Once dry) paint the roof of the house brown and the front a different colour – we chose bright yellow.

Leave to dry and then decorate.

Our Bostik Bloggers boxes have come with lots of little flowers, so we used some of those to decorate the house. I also used mini craft sticks glued together in an “L”-shape to make a bench, with buttons as the legs.  On the theme of ‘lost things’ a la Tinkerbell, we made an earing to stick in as a sparkly window decoration. Finally, we used a mismatch of buttons to create a garden path.  Finally, we glued silk leaves to the roof – you know, camouflage for our fairies!

The kids love the fairy houses and they make a lovely little village for a fairy garden.

We were sent a Bostik Blogger box from Craft Merrily to use in our craft project. 

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