To say it’s taking us a while to settle in would be an understatement. Honestly, I have no idea why it’s been so rough, but the to do list in getting the house organised alone is quite intimidating. The girls are only just starting to sleep well again, and we’re kind of over the horrible bug that’s haunted us for almost two weeks. It’s been a rough transition back to real life. At least we’re slowly starting to get out and about and meet up with people and get back into the swing of things, so that’s good. But the girls are here, with me, and they are full of smiles and beauty and joy. That’s what matters, in the end.

100/365 – Pampered Chef Party

My friend Sara recently became a Pampered Chef Consultant, and she’s been having in-home parties focusing on how children can use the Pampered Chef products. We had a lovely time with Ameli and Aviya making their own mini pizzas. Okay, Aviya ate the pizza I made while she was playing with the measuring cups, but either way, the girls had a good time, and we left with full tummies and more things to add to our must buy list! I’m quite impressed with the products and can see myself being a regular at Sara’s Pampered Chef, Cooking with Toddlers parties.

 101/365 – Time For Tea

I don’t really drink tea, but today was a tea day. Ameli must have poured me about 300 cups of ‘tea’, even when I didn’t want anymore. But who can refuse those eyes?

103/365 – Granny’s Hat

My mother in law has taken up knitting and this lovely hat was her first attempt. It’s gorgeous and the girls love it. We’ve had to put in a request for another, as they argue over it all the time! 

104/365 – New Outlook

One of the things I love about just watching children play is giving them space to do their own thing and seeing what they come up with. Aviya decided that getting inside her activity cube was the best way to really get the best out of it, and who am I to argue! Turns out sometimes looking inside the box is a good thing. 

105/365 – Little Lizard

I am a huge lover of Zulily. You may have noticed. I rarely buy brand new out the box clothes for the children, preferring second hand and hand me downs. Zulily has such gorgeous stuff sometimes though that I could not resist this little lizard romper. Seriously, its so lovely.

106/365 – Fairy Glen

There’s something enchanting about a child in the woods. It’s like that’s where they were made to be. Especially this one.


Mamatography Week 16: My Girls

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