I have this overwhelming awareness that these days are few. Every time one of my girls does something that grabs my attention, I realise that these days are few, so very, very few in the grand scheme of things. It’s making me quite emotional.

Day 107/365 – AP Baby

It’s so sweet, when my biggest little one ‘parents’ her toys like she’s been parented. Our friend Fee made her a sling last year, and she’s really taken to it recently. Here she is cuddling her ‘baby’ in the ring sling, and then she told me her baby’s tummy was rumbling and she needed a feed. It melts me.



Day 108/365 – Homeschool Wannabees

I so hope that I can homeschool my girls but sometimes that feels like an impossible dream. I’ll find out soon enough, wont I. It was so lovely watching them build their age appropriate puzzles. They are awesome children.


Day 109/365 – Activity Books

We have a pile of activity books that I’ve been buying up all over the place, waiting for Ameli to ask me questions about things. Here we are working on an adding and subtracting book. I have no intention of making her learn things, but when she asks I like to be able to encourage that.


There are different ways of learning things, and so many things worth learning can never be found in books.


Day 110/365 – Precious Days

She’s getting so big, and despite my heart’s desires, I am pretty sure these will be my only children. I can’t complain. I am so blessed.


Day 111/365 – Lazy Saturday

I love these cinnamon scrolls. Oh my. They are tasty. Tasty like tasty yum. And to me they taste like sunny Saturday mornings with no agendas and no schedules.


Day 112/365 – Time Out

Coffee is my thing. Actually,  hazelnut lattes are my thing. They make me feel better. And apparently strawberry sorbet is Ameli’s!


Day 112/365 – Time Out

See what I mean? She’s running off after her big sister, far away there in the distance. Oh, my heart. My poor heart.


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