Another week away, within our time away.  These are precious days, with our whole family together.

Day 319 – Puppies
I so want to buy Ameli a puppy. She had a ball with these!

Playing with puppies

Day 320 – Friends
My friend Tristan. We’ve walked a long road together and he’s very dear to me. He came to visit for the afternoon. It was lovely.

Forever Friends

Day 321 – Hair Clip
I’ve waited for ages for this day: hairclips actually stay in!

Day 322Beauty Came To Breakfast
Martin, Ameli and I went to breakfast, and I snapped this. I can’t help it. I think she’s beautiful.

Breakfast Beauty

Day 323 – Baby Brother
So this is my baby brother – not such a baby any more. He drove us down to Qwantani for our first family holiday in almost ten years.

Sterkfontein Dam area

Day 324 – Summer Days

My parents teach Ameli to skip, we cuddled in the pool, my brother and sister catch some rays, and Ameli, worn out by all the fun, tries to fall asleep half in – half out the pool.

Quality Family Time

Day 325 – Qwantani, Free State, South Africa

The place we’re staying at the moment…

Views of Qwantani, South Africa

Thanks for joining us again for our week in pictures


365-319 To 365-325 A Week In Pictures

  1. Trying not to be jealous!

    God shes growing and changing so fast isnt she! Love that your folks were teaching her how to skip! Bless her!

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