As we hurtle towards the end of the year, the days just get busier and fuller. It is also incredibly hot here, which feels really strange as I hear news reports of unprecidented temperatures and snow, and talk every day with my colleagues at PlayPennies about how cold it is, how they are snowed in, and so on.

The heat also means I didn’t really feel very ‘Christmassy’, particularly because carols and decorations are so few and far between until about the week before the 25th that you actually notice every time you hear a Christmas song.  So, we’ve spent our days enjoying the luxuries of the African summer, and enjoying time with those we love.

Day351 – Nana Love

My mother and Ameli have a good relationship, and she loves spending time with her (see how I made she and her interchangeable there? Either could refer to either of them – on purpose!) My mother is every bit the proud Nana – and Ameli gives her every reason to be.

Day 352 – On The Road Again

As if she has not spent enough of this year in the car, what with the road trip France, Belgium and Holand, and then the road trip to Croatia, Ameli adored this little Jungle Book themed car at the local playground. Pop in your R5.00 (around 50p) for three minutes of loud music and chugging along.  Although  the look in her eye makes me glad she’s not on a real road – it’s a little manic!

Day 353 – Mama’s Me Time

It doesn’t happen often. Either the ‘me’ time, or the cocktails. Yes, my friends…. that innocent looking teapot is a mix of a whole lot of things that make you stay up till 3am, laugh a LOT, reminice and have a generally awesome night out with one of your longest surviving oldest girl friends.

Day 354 – A Walk In The Zoo

I specifically use that title, since, you know, a walk in the park means something was really easy. However, after last night and the 3am and those confounded cocktails…. well… ’nuff said, really!
My general lackluster and the excruciating heat aside, Pretoria Zoo is by far the best zoo I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a few.  The animal enclosures are large and well thought out, there’s plenty of shade and water and hiding place, should they not wish to be seen. The zoo is laid out beautifully, and there are well priced refreshment stands around – not so many you feel like you’re being hounded, but enough that you don’t have to go far to find one.  And entrance isR50.00 per adult, which is less than £5.00.  Awesome.

Day 355 – Pamper Day

For my sister’s birthday, we  bought her a spa day with five treatments, but since that’s no – or at least LESS – fun alone, my parents contributed and sent me along with her. It was a beautiful place called Mid-Isle Spa in Midrand, between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Deshaine had a foot massage (top middle) while I had a full body scrub, then we both had Indian Head/Shoulder massages (picture on the left), full body moisturising wraps, facials and finally, she had a back and neck massage, while I had a full body massage.

One of the things I love about South Africa is the fact that cost of living might be as high as it is in England these days, but luxuries are still so much more affordable here than they are in England. This entire day, including a picnic champaign lunch cost R1300.00. That’s just shy of £130.00 for two.  As a comparison, I adore The Sanctuary in Covent Garden, London – but last time I went, ENTRY alone with no treatments cost £120.00 each.

Day 356 – Candy Anniversary

It’s the sixth anniversary of our wedding, and we have plans!  We’re going Christmas shopping, having lunch at Succulent Cafe, and then off to the planatarium for the evening show. Except after a hectic day of shopping, we’re sitting in Succulent Cafe – that’s the main light in the picture there and the place kind of resembles the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice In Wonderland. We kept expecting an oversized girl to come running through behind a talking rabbit! Anyway, after all that, we were so tired, had a really grizzly baby, and babysitter issues, so we crawled into bed and slept. I guess after six years of marriage, it’s great that you have the freedom to just sleep when you need it.

Day 357 – Birthday Party

Friends of our’s have a now four year old daughter, so we spent the day with them, celebrating her birthday.

Birthday Party

Thank you so much for joining us in our penultimate Week in Pictures


365-351 To 365-357 A Week in Pictures

  1. Ah! That pamper day looks awesome. And I can’t get over the fact that you’re eating icecreams in costumes while we’re freezing to near death!

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