We have been so incredibly busy lately. It’s been good, but, man alive. My children don’t strive for the same peaceful existence I do.

Day 150 – Fancy dress, a walk in the park and asparagus picking

The girls were up with the sparrow-farts this morning, so we had a play with our fancy dress goodies.

We met up with an old friend – Ameli’s first non-family childcare provider, actually, – who is a fully fledged, and absolutely lovely child minder these days.

We walked around a new, man-made nature reserve.

And had a swing on one we found there.

Then some friends were going to pirate puppet show at a pick your own farm near us, so we decided to join them, and ended up asparagus picking. We were all pretty shattered and ready for a good night’s sleep by the end of that day!

Day 151 – Growth

There’s been growth! Our weather is so beyond bad at the moment that nothing’s growing. I’ve had to move all the plants and the seedlings indooors to get any signs of life from them, and finally we have a sign of life. Yay.

Day 152 – A quiet day

The problem with a quiet day is that I have to find a million ways to keep the children occupied at home. Today we did some very simple origami, which Ameli loved. Actually this book was pretty good for beginners. It comes with papers and everything. I’m not sure where it’s from even – I’ve had it in my bookshelf for years. I knew we had busy days ahead, so was grateful for a low key one.

153 – Mothers, Friends

A beautiful day with my mother’s circle, we spent the morning in quiet meditation, and sisterhood.

After that we went to a friend’s house for her son’s second birthday. It was one of the rare beautiful afternoons of this year so far, so we sat outside, had a barbecue and had fun. We were supposed to go to a second party in the evening, but by the time we were ready to go, the children were more than ready for bed.

The girls certainly loved it…

154- Naming Ceremony

We went to the naming ceremony of a lovely little girl and spent the afternoon surrounded by people we’ve known and loved these last two years. I’m not sure why, exactly, but I have a strong disconnect from most of them at the moment, and I am finding it draining and hurtful, but at the same time… I can’t cope with the drama of trying to forge connections again. I’m hoping in time it will heal itself, but in the meantime, well. We’re just trucking on.

One of the daughters of one of the older mothers is a really good facepainter/bump artist and she treated the girls and boys and some of the mamas to some art.

My insecurities aside, the children had a great time, and one of Ameli’s best friends, P, had a lot of fun with them. I wish I could be more childlike and just have fun with everyone.

Day 155- Breastmilk

I miss the days where I donated breast milk, actually, I am blessed with such a huge supply. This was a six minute expressing job!

Day 156 – Science Club

One of the homeschool groups local to us has a weekly science meet. It’s really for older children, but I took the girls along for the ‘sound’ session and it was brilliant. The ex-science teacher was fantastic and he really engaged the children. I don’t know how much they really ‘learned’ as such, but they certainly ‘got’ the experiments, and loved them!

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