Life is otherwise, here in Perth. One day I feel like a tourist, the next I feel like I live here. One day I’m doing very little of anything much, and the next I’m running around all over the place. There’s no routine and no real stability.

Day 11/365 – Courage and Support

My mother was rushed back to hospital yesterday, and today I spent a few hours with her. I fell asleep with my head on the bed, just sitting by her as she slept in a morphine induced haze. It was very stressful, and painful, and yet expected. My mom was given this cancer bracelet a while back and while it’s not something she’d wear, I decided I could use the support.

My arm is a veritable support group at the moment – a purple thread from my last birthday, where my friends and I did the mama-blessing red thread ceremony to support me on this journey. The red thread for my friend Kitty’s blessingway, the silver bracelets are for my girls, and this new addition to my life, the cancer bracelet – for courage and support.

Day 12/365 – Park Mornings

The girls were up super early, and I so much wanted to sleep, so I found myself in shouty-mama mode. I decided a much better option would be to walk to the park, so off we went. I rang Kitty and Lucas on the way, and they agreed to join us for breakfast at the park, and it turned into a lovely morning – much better than fighting two babies for sleep, and shouting and being miserable.

Day 13/365 – Birthday Party

We were invited to a new friend’s first birthday party, which was held in another park. It was a lovely morning, and this was his super healthy lion-themed birthday ‘cake’.

Day 14/366 – Family Time

My dad and Ameli seem to clash a lot at the moment – a military background and a three year old… fun times. But he loves my girls and for that I am grateful

Day 15/366 – Raw Food @ Fern

Another birthday party today, this time for a mama. We went to the raw food cafe at FERN in Fremantle – a very unique experience, unlike anything I’ve been to before. This was a raw burger – the ‘bread’ is dehydrated vegetables, and the patty is a dehydrated mushroom. It was lovely.

Day 16/366 – Busy Bags

My friend Kitty – she’s been popular in this week’s Mamatography – is having a baby soon, so for her son’s second birthday I put together a bunch of busy bags for him to have once the baby comes. I’ll blog them soon.

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Mamatography 2013: Week 3 – Keep On Keeping On

  1. Thinking of you and your family as your mother is in the hospital!

    I can totally relate on the subject of military dads (granddads, etc) and 3 year olds. It can be testy sometimes because values clash! <3

    Wonderful pictures!

  2. My father is also strict and sometimes clashes with my kids in the “behaviour” department…I remind him that he had his turn at raising kids, and this is mine – and my way might not be the same as his! Funnily enough, he is my kids’ favourite grandparent by far 🙂

    Sending you strength to cope with your situation – I went through the same with my mum, and it’s hard x

  3. What a great way to turn a morning around! I think we could definitely use some busy bags around here, too! I look forward to your post.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I’ve been through the cancer ring with a lot of family and friends, but I couldn’t imagine going through it with my mom. I love your support arm! It’s so nice to know that you have all that support.

    Also, that fruit lion looks delicious!

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