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Amber is a labour and delivery nurse in the U.S. Navy. She has three little girls, all breastfed, and wrote the following. She does not have a blog and as such has asked me to host it for her during the Carnival of Nursing in Public. Please leave a comment and make her feel welcome.

During the chaos of today’s world and the fast paced, hurry-up-and-go life that we all seem to live in between work, feeding children, cleaning a house and spending time with a husband, I have one small moment of eternal bliss.

It begins when I look down and I see those chubby little cheeks and toothless grin that is shared only with me. As I begin to give my baby the life sustaining nourishment that my body has created just for her, I have a rush go through me, a small tingle I can feel through every fiber of my being and at that moment I feel I am the happiest I could ever be. It is a feeling of joy and a “high” that can be achieved no other way but this.

Then it comes, that quick pain when I feel engorgement that releases to my baby, and as she consumes the moment passes with relief. As a sit and watch her, I think of how miraculous it is that I have been able to nourish her growth. That her bright brown eyes that remain so alert, her shiny hair, her fat little legs, her baby “goos” and “gaas” are all because of me.

My daughter will grow up to be her own woman, and although she will never remember these moments with me, I will cherish them always. I will know that the gift I was able to give her at the start of her life is better than any other gift I could ever give, for so many reasons.

I can’t imagine a better way to show my children how much I love them.

Art by Erika Hastings at http://mudspice.wordpress.com/

Welcome to the Carnival of Nursing in Public

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Carnival of Nursing in Public – A Guest Post

  1. That was beautiful, Amber. It truly is a blessing for baby and mother to be able to nurse. And those looks of love and trust that come from those big eyes that look back at you, are something that can never be described, yet can offer the heart so much joy. It truly is pity when other choose not to do this. They are missing out on one of motherhood’s most precious gifts.

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