I’ve had a great week with my girlies. Winter is definitely coming our way, and we’re doing our best to hold on to what little summer we had.

236/366 – Ubermama

Actually, it’s not intense as it looks. I’d had Aviya in the Ergo, and Ameli was walking. Suddenly she burst into tears and practically begged me to carry her. It was unusual behaviour for her, so I popped her in the Ergo and was carrying Aviya in my arms, with the bag around my front (Aviya’s  not actually in the bag!). Within seconds Ameli was asleep – all the while still holding on to her backpack! Definitely a photo moment!

237/366 – West Wittering

The weather’s been so lovely, and I’m so desperate for a holiday, so I took the girls out to a local-ish beach called West Wittering. I’m certainly no expert on UK beaches, but this is by far my favourite. Our friends Laura and Abbie came along and it was the perfect day, just what my soul needed. The last time we were here I was ‘overdue’ with Aviya and had a gorgeous wintery day with my mother and daughter. Its just a lovely place.

238/366 – Butterflies and First Foods

I seem to be spending a lot of time on memory lane this week. Ameli sat beautifully for this stunning face paint butterfly, but it reminded me of the first time ever, when we just did a small little butterfly on her cheek. That was two years ago, and how much she’s grown. Aviya, meanwhile, tummy crawled over to my plate of discarded pork ribs and started licking all the juices off the ribs. I moved them away, and she tummy crawled over again. Seems she likes barbecue sauce!

239/366 – Happy In Nature

We went on a foraging walk to try to learn more about what’s around us as ‘food for free’. Aviya loves being out and about as much as Ameli does. Love that smiley face. 

238/366 – Day Trip to Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

I wont write about the whole day again. You can read the post here. But, we had a lovely time at Thomas Land, and enjoyed the new movie.

240/366 – Leaf Men

After a busy day, we had a low key one, where not a lot happened, so we gathered some leaves in the garden, and made leaf men from them!

That was our week in pictures! Thanks for joining us!

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