Week 10

Mamatography Week 10 for us was all about World Book Week. The kids loved it, and it was great fun for all of us.

62: Play – We were invited to a play and I was so nervous about going with the girls, but really wanted to give it a shot anyway. We sat near the exit so my husband could duck out with the girls when they got too fidgety, but they were amazing. Seriously, Ameli watched almost all of it, and Aviya played on the Kindle for the whole thing. Even the cast came afterwards to tell us how awesome the girls were. They were fantastic. I miss going to plays and theatre so very much, so this was a most encouraging outing for us. Oh, and if you have a chance to see In Praise of Elephants, go for it. It’s brilliant.

63:Paint By Numbers – I can’t believe my baby is old enough to do paint by numbers pictures. Madness. She was doing it so well too.

65:I Can Read With My Eyes Shut – Our book of the day, and the accompanying craft from Activities To Celebrate Dr Seuss

66: Activities Box – Most weeks I’ll put together a kit for the week. I’ll spend this week putting together things for next week, following our pre-determined PlayLearning Theme. It’s helpful in getting things done and looking calm and collected at the same time.

67:World Book Day Games – We had a World Book Day Party with friends, and here the kids are playing a game as Dr Seuss’ Sneetches, some with stars, some without.

68:Charlie and Lola Came For Tea – when Ameli got home from preschool, Charlie and Lola were at the table waiting for her. She was so excited, it was sweet.

Mamatography 10

Week 11

With Aviya having dental surgery last week, I totally ran out of time for all the blogging I ‘need’ to do. So here you  have two weeks of Mamatography in one. Aren’t you lucky!

69: Waiting To Grow: We made honey cookies from a Winnie the Pooh book, and planted flowers as instructed in the story too. Ameli was relatively disappointed that she managed to make it through the cookies and no plants had shown up yet. A week later and they still haven’t. Poor girl. A valuable lesson in patience, I’m sure.

70:In Yo Face! Or something less street. I took Aviya to the hospital in London for her pre-surgery assessment, and someone walking behind me commented on how uncomfortable Avi looked ‘tied up like that’. Well, I asked her loudly if she was comfortable, and snapped a photo of her response. I think we’re okay, random stranger. But thanks.

71: Friends: What’s better than having friends? Friends who bring you food and then cook it too. Yuri (you may know him as @Urbanvox) is a legend.

72: Spring Gardening: I’ve tried for a number of years now to get a decent garden space for the girls, but it seems year after year my budget just gets tighter. It’s amazing how creative you can be with next to nothing, and access to Pinterest.

73: Baking Carrot Cake: We reviewed the book The Carrot Cake Catastrophe, which involved Ameli and baking, something she’s been doing with me since she was two. I miss it, really, and it’s time for me to get Aviya cooking too.

75: Faux Birthday: The picture is tagged as 74, but it’s actually 75. It’s Aviya’s Faux-birthday, since her surgery was scheduled for her birthday, we had a pretend birthday the day before. We’ll have a party in a couple of weeks. I can’t believe mybaby girl is two.

Mamatography 11

See you again next week for Mamatography, Week 12!

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Mamatography Week 10 And Week 11 : Playing Catch Up

  1. Awesome photos Lushka! Hope Aviya’s surgery went ok? E should be seeing our new dentist soon one of his premolars are pretty awful combined with decalcification and I feel pretty 🙁 I don’t have 1 filing.

    I can’t believe that stranger! The cheek! And good idea about doing the box!

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