It’s been something of a low-key, home based week. We’ve been really busy, de-wintering the house and getting things ready for summer. It’s amazing, however, how little you get done with a baby in the house, and tasks that used to take a day can seriously now take a week! But, when these are the the faces you’re looking at, who cares how long it takes!

138/365 – I can sleep

Confession time? I don’t buy into the whole ‘good baby’ thing. People keep asking me if Aviya is a ‘good baby’. She’s a baby. Of course she’s good! Does she cry? Sometimes. Does she poo when I’m about to head out the door? Yes. Does she wee three seconds after I’ve taken her nappy off? YES! Does she sleep through the night and large portions of the day? YES! But that doesn’t make her a good or a bad baby. It just makes her a sleeper. Thank God. 

139/365 – I haz smiles

I mean, really. How can that face NOT belong to a ‘good’ baby. I love her beautiful all inclusive smile. 

140/365 – Glitta Girl II

New Years Eve 2000/2001 my sister and I went out for the night and had a fantastic time. We were both covered in body glitter and nicknamed ourselves Glitta Girl and Glitta Sista. This picture reminded me of that.

142/365 – Bringing on the pretty

I’ve been working hard at getting our conservatory summer ready again. I saw this sun catcher idea somewhere on Pinterest – the parenting resource for the modern generation, I tell you – and just had to do it too. Sadly, it doesn’t fill the conservatory with the coloured light I expected when the sun shines on it, but never mind. It still looks pretty.

143/365 – Teacher’s Pet

Totally teacher’s pet. She’s just growing up so incredibly quickly.

144/365 – Why I wake up tired?

Not to blame my beautifully girlies unfairly, but I may finally have gotten to the bottom of why I wake up tired and sometimes even a little stiff. (It has nothing to do with my 1-3am bed times, I’m sure!)

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Mamatography Week 21: It’s My Life

  1. Aaaah, love your photos this week – so many beautiful eyes to peer into it. I don’t ever say ‘good baby’ either… and can’t stand when others do (of my baby, at least) either. Is the implication that if she needed to cry that she would be a ‘bad baby’??! Can’t stand it… Love both the sleeping photos. both your girls are so beautiful.

    Keep it comin’!!

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