As Ameli grows slowly older I’m starting to find her crafting abilities less frustrating and as a result find that I can do more ‘fun’ projects with her as her attention span develops too.

We’ve been wanting to make a new bird feeder, but everything I found online was similar to the birdfeeder we made last year, and I was wracking my brain for something else. I saw an ‘odds and ends’ holder somewhere – I don’t actually remember where – made out of lollipop sticks, and it hit me: extend the sides into pedestals and there’s a bird feeder. Yay.

Ameli had so much fun. She laid them out – I had to make sure not to correct everything to make it perfect – and enjoyed the gluing.

To start with, we laid out six lollipop sticks, and glued two sides. We laid a stick on each line of glue, and then dotted the glue on each lollipop stick end, alternating them in layers.

Lollipop Stick Bird Feeder Craft

When you’re done, lay a heavy book on top of it and leave it to dry.

When it’s done, I used some florestry wire to tie on two sides. Make sure it’s even length, and pop it on a branch or other overhanging something or other.

Fill with birdseed, and hang in the garden.

I’m sure this wont last for ever, but that’s part of it’s beauty. Ameli had fun. I enjoyed doing it with her, and we have a fun and colourful bird feeder in the garden!

Lollipop Stick Bird Feeder Craft

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Lollipop Stick Bird Feeder

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